I reached out to Seema for a family constellation session to heal from narcissistic relationships. I was tired of being hurt and constantly being the sole giver in my friendships. My empath self was wounded. The constellation session helped me understand why I picked these hurtful people to be my friends in the first place. Seema’s ability to see the bigger picture helped tie my past with my present destructive choices. The sense of freedom I received was surprising and, frankly speaking, not something I was expecting. I highly recommend Seema’s work. She is empathetic, gentle, and generous but also fierce in her ability to hold the truth. – S Gupta, Boston

Finally did a Family Constellation session (online) with Seema Agarwal and processed so many deep layers of rage and grief as someone taken out of and adopted from Korea as a baby. Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in truthfully seeing and processing how their family and ancestral dynamics are affecting them and their lives today. Thank you, Seema~ And thank you, Kat Kim, for the referral! 🙏 – Dan Sieling

Seema helped me come to terms with my divorce. My marriage felt apart suddenly, and before I could understand, it was over. I was dealing with an intense amount of pain and shame. A friend recommended Seema’s work. In our constellation session, what unfolded was shocking to me. Little did I know that a personal thing like marriage failure could be related to my parents and ancestors’ lives and my country’s socio-economic culture. My shame lifted, and I could see things clearly. The sorrow moved, and I could breathe again. She never once asked me to forgive or see the spiritual lesson, and I respect that. Seema is fabulous in what she does, but most of all, she is kind and practical. – DT, Washington DC

I worked with Seema to address the challenges I was having with being adopted. My relationship with my adoptive parents was tense. In spite of having a family, I felt alone. I took several sessions with Seema. The constellation session was very helpful for the grief. She also designed some meditations for me to do between sessions. I find her gentleness and pragmatism most useful in my healing. I was tired of everyone asking me to accept my destiny. The surprising thing was that I became closer to my adoptive parents after our sessions. My road to complete healing is long, and I am grateful for Seema’s guidance. – Matt

Seema facilitated a constellation for me to address the lack of love and direction in my marriage. I was contemplating leaving my husband. Some elements of my life were too complicated and chaotic. Seema held my confusion and vulnerability with a lot of care, and I felt safe with her. My process took more time than allotted, but she kept at it. What I learned about myself and my marriage difficulties was astounding. The truth was upside down, and seeing that helped me make my decisions. I highly highly recommend Seema. – Alissa F, New York

Your Family constellation workshop was very authentic. Seema genuinely has a lot of knowledge and information that she wants to lovingly impart to her students. She is a great Facilitator and was extremely patient with our nonstop questions. She has a lot of humility as she teaches and she helps us process the learning in connection to our lives. I feel a meaningful and lifelong connection with her after attending her workshop. Thank you so much, Seema for being an instrument in our journeys. Much power and light to you to shine in your own journey. Divine Thanks. – Dipti Sahani

After been diagnosed with a terrible disease and after trying everything possible – western medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic treatments, nothing had worked. The emotional frustration was wearing on me. A friend recommended working with Seema. In our work together, we uncovered the traumatic layers of my past that overshadowed my life. Within the first two sessions, I got my energy back. I started feeling light, my happiness and sleep everything started falling into place. I know it can be difficult to wrap our minds around these miracles of energy healing but if you need any kind of relief from the pain I recommend you work with Seema. She calls upon divine assistance to help each individual. Seema has a keen ability to perceive beyond the world we see and that gave me the feeling of being deeply understood and supported. I am eternally grateful for the gifts this sweet friend and amazing woman have shared with me and continue to share with the world. – Maria Ortnis, Boston, USA

Genuineness and Transparency throughout your workshop are what attracted me the most. Keep up the good work. Waiting to hear more from you. Please keep sharing with us and please hold more workshops as your time allows. – Karuna Bhatia, India

Seema is an amazing healer. She is very compassionate, knowledgeable and during a session, with her, I feel quite safe. This allows me to relax in the healing energy that she radiates, such that the healing can take place more effectively. One thing that I notice every time I ask her for a session, from the moment we schedule until the actual session my healing begins to take place. So I know Seema is already doing some work with me. Seema’s healing has helped me release the emotion and issues of the clients I counsel. As an empathic, I’ve had problems detaching from energies I take on from others. Something shifted dramatically down to my core during the healing session with Seema and has been with me ever since. I can now do many counseling sessions with clients in succession and come away still feeling positive and energetic. My clients, friends, and family have also noticed the difference within me. I highly recommend Seema as a healer and a compassionate seer. She sees things I cannot and then helps me work through the issues toward healing. – J.K. Colorado, USA

I’ve gone through a tremendous change and spiritual growth phase recently and really wanted an energy healer to help me move through some emotional blocks and physically release old traumas. Seema was instrumental in healing some of my family of origin issues I have been carrying with me my entire life. She helped me uncover some I did not know that I was carrying, and in a recent visit with my family, I validated that indeed those issues existed. She provided tools for me to use to make the changes I wanted, and those changes in my life happened very quickly. It was very exciting and motivating to see how life presented “tests” for me that I was able to pass. Every session with Seema provides more insights into what is happening in my life and guides me to the exact step I need to take to move in the direction I want to go. I never feel overwhelmed and after a session, things seem to fall into place easily when I do my “homework” she provides for me. Seema checks in with me via email and is responsive and very supportive. She is such a warm and caring person, I truly look forward to every session I have with her. – Britt Bohannan Arechiga, Spain

The Family Constellation workshop was very helpful as it helped us know our relationship with our ancestors and self. Your teachings helped in understanding how to reconcile with family members and get rid of emotional blockages and patterns. This is going to help me tremendously in my life. I sincerely request you to please keep holding more workshops in the future so this healing can reach to more people as it should. Thank you for your teachings and I would love to be part of more of your workshops in the future. – Mihir Thakkar, India

I loved the way you were trying to take emerging issues in the workshop with humility and for sharing all the information with us. You followed your intuition and changed the healing session which was so helpful. The information you shared was honest and genuine, which made it so easy to connect to you. – Ujjvala More

I’ve been on a self-seeking path for a while looking for my calling. I started practicing self-discipline, self-awareness and meditating regularly but I still constantly felt stuck, uncertain, and doubtful. It was not until I received Theta Healing from Seema that I started to notice less resistance, making choices without feeling guilt or doubt. I started experiencing a calm sensation, a sense of trust within. With her help, I started to understand, accept, and trust to allow life to unfold rather than anxiously expect my life path to show itself. While I do not see the path, I do feel that I am on IT. I have been waiting for this feeling for a very long time. I feel safe as if I am protected and guided all the time and I am more determined than ever before. Besides a very pleasant person, Seema is an excellent seer. She was able to find and heal lots of beliefs that have been drawing so much of my energy all my adult life. I see her as an amazing, devoted, loving, caring healer. I signed up for a single 1-hour session but she let the session go over until she felt the healing was complete and I was in good spirits to leave With no hesitation, she offered a healing session to a friend of mine who did not speak English comfortably allowing me to translate for my friend. I am beyond grateful to Seema for the wonderful changes that started to take place in my life. I know I made the right choice when I reached out to her. – BM, Boston, USA

Seema is phenomenal at her work as a theta healer and coach. She helped me break through some deep issues, concerns, and questions. The changes that I have experienced through Theta Healing have inspired me to be all that I can be and embrace a path of spirituality and sharing my calling to serve others. Words cannot truly express the love and gratitude that I have for Seema and her generosity in sharing her wisdom and techniques. – Linda, Los Angeles

I was experiencing a severe flare-up of sciatic pain. I had tried narcotic pain relievers, ice/heat, and other remedies but the pain was so intense I could barely sit or walk. Seema performed Theta Healing on me and the pain immediately began to subside. By the end of the session, I was pain-free. The pain recurred over the next day or two but not to the same degree. A second session treated that lingering pain. I highly recommend Seema as a healer. – Robyn Morrison, Montana

I hope you will conduct more healing workshops to help us get out of our challenges. I hope you will consider this and come back with more offerings. Seema you are a peaceful Soul. – Reena Agarwal

Your Family Constellation workshop was a great way to understand how energies built up across generations play out and how our behaviors and patterns keep us bound to them. Seema did an excellent job of explaining these mysteries and of ways to release them. Thank you so much. – Arti Dayal