Monthly Program

Monthly Program is designed to support complex challenges and soul searching in multiple areas of life.

When we are hurting in multiple areas of our life at the same time, we need an integrated approach so our life can work for us on all the human and spiritual levels. We need to understand the deeper reasons underlying our issues. We need a co-creative approach to help us heal and transform at levels deeper and inaccessible to the mind – in all areas of life – in a systemic and easier way. We need a companion who has walked this path before and can help shine the light on our unique shadows and soul path.

Using the principles of – Trauma Healing, Family Constellation, Energy Healing, Astrology, Womb Healing, Transpersonal Healing, and Ancient Spiritual wisdom – we will co-create the required transformation with Spirit. And own or cosmic creative power to be the Creators that we are.

This is committed, focused, and deep work. The program is customized and session frequency is between 2-4 times a month based upon your needs. Each session will last anywhere from 90 minutes up to 3 hours.

Sessions are available in multiple timezones and held online over Zoom.  Contact for a free consultation to determine fit and availability.