There is a cosmic field of knowing and love around us eager to support, co-create, and awaken us to the divinity of our existence.

Welcome to Co-Creative Constellations. Specializes in a systemic, integral, embodied, and co-creative approach for healing and awakening. 

Services include – Ancestral Healing, Trauma Healing, Adverse Childhood and CPTSD Healing, and Energy Healing.

Using systemic guiding principles of  – Trauma, Family Constellations, Body Psychology, Energy Medicine, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Evolutionary Astrology, Transpersonal Healing, and Personal Destiny, we support uncovering and transforming the underlying roots of suffering. 

To liberate our lives from the holds of trauma. To bring peace, calm, and centering in the nervous systems. 

To embody a deeper sense of self and our cosmic creative power. To create love, belonging, and intimacy with all of existence.

To own our voice, purpose, and desires. To shape our destiny.