Energy Healing

The human body – every atom, molecule, and cell is energy. All matter and psychological processes — thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and experiences — are composed of energy. 

Our very first introduction to each other is energetic and non-verbal. Humans and animals feel and absorb each other’s energy. Ask any Empath, and they know what everyone in the room is feeling. This internal energy makes up our emotional, mental, and physical health. It also feeds our perceptions about ourselves and the world. 

However in persistent trauma, abuse, sorrow, grief, rejection, depression, loneliness, powerlessness, failures, and sickness – our internal energy becomes a negative self-feeding cycle. It reaffirms our problems and makes it challenging to allow any kind of intervention.

Brain fog, dysregulation, confusion, fear, shame, abuse, and adverse childhood experiences make talk therapy challenging. Energy Medicine is a process to work with Spirit, to transform this internal energy and bring harmony in our lives. It’s a direct invocation of Divine Grace.

It’s non-invasive, gentle, safe, compassionate, and a co-creative approach to healing. It requires minimal explanation and talk therapy and feels like an energetic massage. It complements medical and psychological interventions beautifully. Many hospitals and therapists use energy medicine along with their scientific treatments.

A combination of Body Psychology, Transpersonal wisdom, and Spiritual Healing (Theta Healing) are utilized in the session. 

Sessions are available in multiple timezones and held online over Zoom. This session will last 60 -90 mins. Contact to book.

Common Situations Explored

  • Invoke healing for physical ailments and sickness.

  • Transform grief and sorrow to acceptance and calm.

  • Transform rejection, resentments, and regrets.

  • Learn to create healthy boundaries

  • Release outside energies & soul fragments lodged into our bodies.

  • Invoke Life Learning to amend for developmental deficits.

  • Release from Oaths, Vows, Obligations, and Curses.

  • Connect with Guardian Angels and Spirit guides

  • Learn to co-create with spirit

  • Invoke healing for overwhelm, fear, anxiety, depression.

  • Invoke healing for the underlying issues with love.

  • Uncover the deeper wisdom of our bodies.

  • Release absorbed burdens from your Empath Self

  • Release ancestral entanglements and dysfunctional family loyalties

  • Increase our capacity for love, intimacy, and belonging

  • Connect with transitioned Ancestors and Loved Ones

  • Learn to create from a place free from duality.

  • Embody our cosmic creative power.