Family Constellations Session

Family constellation is a powerful ancestral healing process to uncover and resolve our persistent and perplexing challenges. 

On the surface, our suffering looks like it came from the traumas, choices, luck, or dysfunctional relations of this life. In reality, these issues are related to our Ancestor’s suffering and unfinished business, which become our unconscious marching orders. These connections can go a few or tens of generations back. Similarly, we also inherit blessings and gifts from our lineage. 

Family constellation is a beautiful process to uncover the hidden roots of our suffering, so they are transformed for good. It’s astounding to see that what we choose, who we attract, what we allow, and where we succeed or fail is really not that simple. It is connected to a past far back. Family Constellation helps us come into our full sovereignty and individuation, put to rest the aspects of our ancestral past that does not serve and infuse new life in our personal and family system. 

This is deep sacred work, required to create lasting peace and freedom in our lives.

Sessions are available in multiple timezones and held online over Zoom. This session will last 2 hours. Contact to book.

What a typical session looks like-

The session will start with an In-depth Exploration of your situation. 

Then we move onto setting the Constellation for your situation. This can be set up on a table or on the floor, using simple objects like wooden peg dolls, crystals, papers, or ordinary things. Once the Constellation is set up, hidden patterns and connections between your life and different aspects of your family and lineage become visible. Your inner world will become clear and your challenges will make sense to you.

Once the hidden mysteries become clear, we will step into Healing MovementsThese healing movements reorganize your place in your family, lineage, and life in the correct order. So your life can work for you, and the flow of love, blessings, and prosperity can resume in your life.

Family Constellation

Common Issues explored in Family Constellations

Personal Issues

Persistent negative feelings; destructive impulses; feeling stuck; unworthiness; guilt; shame; anger; depression; grief; procrastination; obesity or underweight; heart closed to love…

Familial Issues

Difficult relationships with parents, children, or siblings; marital conflicts; experiencing similar relationship issues like your parents; divorce; longing; loss and grief; unprocessed loss due to deaths… 

Professional and Financial Issues

Persistent failures; recurring financial loss; lack of voice; lack of personal power; entrepreneurship issues; issues with the creative power to initiate and create…

Social Issues

History of patriarchy, racism, slavery, privilege, oppression, colonization, and immigration in your lineage and its unique impact on your life…

Life Purpose Issues

Feeling out of place; feeling a lack of purpose; confusion about what you really want; creativity blocks; lack of engagement with life; difficulty bringing your gifts to the world…

Spiritual Issues

Lack of intuition; Birth trauma, burdened empath self; building connection with Ancestors and Spirit; religious trauma; need clarity about Soul’s evolutionary desires…